Snorlax's Life

A Snorlax Does What This Snorlax Does(:
Lawl Sorry i Follow everyone that rebloged orrr liked my photos i post or reblog, follow meh back please<3?

I love traveling, i am not really a snorlax c: i just say i am one, because i am big and cuddly like one, and i fucking love pokemon<3
If i had lots of money, i would have so much pokemon stuff..:/
I like to play game such as League of Legends, Runescape, POKEMON, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh <3, lots of Japanese games, and lots more(:
I am kinda a RPG game freak, i will only play and online game with friends, i cant play them by my self, except Runescape and League of Legends weirdly o.o



The only acceptable birthday cake

Nothing says “celebrate a year of not dying” like blowing out the flame on a salamander that will die without its fire.


noddin’ ma head like yea


movin’ ma hips like h*ck yea


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